Discover the ultimate guide to buying an Apple Watch in Amman.

buy apple watch in Jordan

Are you looking to buy an Apple Watch in Amman? Look no further! Our webpage provides a comprehensive guide to buying Amman’s latest Apple Watch models, with information on pricing, availability, and the best deals in town. We’ll help you choose the perfect Apple Watch, whether you prefer a sporty design or a more elegant […]

Amman Shopping Online: The Best Way to Shop in the Capital of Jordan

Amman Shopping Online

Amman shopping online is convenient and offers many benefits. You can shop from the convenience of your home and find a more comprehensive selection of products, competitive prices, and the ability to compare items from multiple retailers. Shopping in Amman can be a hassle, with crowded malls and traffic making the experience less enjoyable. However, the […]

Top 5 Computer Monitors for Gaming: Which One is Right for You in Jordan?

Computer monitor for gaming

Are you a gamer looking for the perfect computer monitor for gaming to enhance your experience? Look no further! Our top 5 list of computer monitors for gaming showcases the best options available on the market. From high-resolution displays to fast refresh rates, each monitor is designed to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. […]

Get the Ultimate Gaming Experience with the HyperX Cloud 2 Jordan Edition in 2023

HyperX Cloud 2 Jordan

The HyperX Cloud 2 Jordan Edition gaming headset is the perfect accessory for gamers who want to elevate their gaming experience to the next level. Designed in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan, this headset combines style and comfort with high-quality sound and advanced features. Is the HyperX Cloud 2 worth it? The HyperX Cloud […]

Nacon RIG 800 Pro HX review: A headset primed for marathon gaming

At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Incredibly lightweight and perfect for gaming marathons The bass is enhanced and sounds fantastic Dolby Atmos surround sound works a treat Cons Adjusting the detachable ear cups is quite fiddly No dedicated software app for finetuning the EQ Ear cups don’t swivel or move much at all Our Verdict […]

Google Bard’s AI search launch was, well, boring

Already months behind, Google is slowly rolling out its AI-powered chatbot, Bard, today. But Google—once a powerhouse in search—looks like it’s taking an extremely conservative approach to its new chatbot. What is Bard? Google describes it as a “complementary experience to Google Search,” in its blog post Tuesday. Google announced the Bard chatbot in February, […]

Windows 12 inbound? New Windows Insider ‘Canary’ channel paves way

If you’re interested in trying out the far future of Windows features — say, Windows 12? — the new Windows Insider “Canary” channel may be right up your alley. Microsoft debuted the fourth new Windows Insider Channel on Monday morning. “Canary” joins the other Windows Insider channels as a way for you to try out […]

The Full Nerd ep 248: Ryzen 9 7950X3D and the state of PC gaming

In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, special guest Brad Shoemaker of the Nextlander podcast, and Adam Patrick Murray get nerdy about Ryzen 9 7950X3D reviews and the state of PC gaming. Longtime games journalist and Ryzen X3D-curious podcaster Brad Shoemaker joins us to go over the launch of AMD’s long-awaited Ryzen 9 […]

Insane watercooling desktop rig uses 69 heads

Most water-cooled desktops have a system that cools the CPU, and maybe the GPU if it’s extra-fancy. But that wasn’t good enough for one intrepid user on the /r/watercooling subreddit. They spent months on possibly the most elaborate water-cooled desktop ever, cooling what appears to be every single internal component and then some. It’s all […]

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